How you can get involved in the Stay Safe Africa campaign

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Vaccination is one of the most successful and cost-effective public health interventions, preventing up to 3 million deaths every year across all age groups.

The recent emergence of rapidly spreading COVID-19 variants has made clear that we cannot let our guard down and need to take steps to stop this devastating disease spreading freely in any country. You can protect yourself and your community by accepting COVID-19 vaccines and completing the full course of vaccines available to you, to reduce your risk of getting severely ill and spreading the virus to others.

Knowledge is power. It is crucial that more people are aware of importance and safety of vaccines, so they can demand equitable access to these lifesaving tools. With this enhanced knowledge, vaccination programmes will have greater impact and save more lives across Africa. To show that you’re keeping Africa safe and demanding more equitable access to vaccines in Africa, use the campaign hashtag #StaySafeAfrica.

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Advocate for vaccine equity and improved access to vaccines in Africa on social media using the #StaySafeAfrica hashtag.

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If you would like to provide financial or technical assistance to strengthen health systems and improve vaccination efforts across Africa, contact:

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Spread the word

You can help call for equitable access to vaccines and prevent the spread of COVID-19 by supporting the Stay Safe Africa campaign on social media.